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Left - This facade was put on in 1908 by the Rice family. It is Edwardian Italianate in design but inside decoration is typical of the 1870's. That is when the front part of the house was enlarged for the Markey's.  Middle - When our daughter was 3 years old, she believed Santa Claus brought her this doll house. But, I made it with plans based on measurements taken from a photo of our house, shown here side by side with the doll house. I corrected the numbers distortion caused by perspective.  Right - This is the circa 1831 back of our house. The shed roof with second floor sleeping porch is typical for this part of the house which was built by the Schley family. The wood sided structure is a Sauna we built in 1990. Sadly, we had to take down the 70 foot tall, 120 year old Kentucky Coffee tree in May of 2010.

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Design motifs in the front and back parlors show influence of decorations found in Pompeii. Images and coloration of these etruscan designs and frescos astounded the world in 1870. The rosettes are decorated with acanthus and grape vine designs in the front (L) and back (M) parlors. A doric collonade was installed in 1908. Although the collonade replaced pocket doors, we kept them and restored the ceiling frescos. The wide angle view also shows the etruscan influenced frieze and italianate ceiling banding of light blue, sage green, peach field with white accents.

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At the left are views of the front and rear parlors. On the right is the dining room with chestnut trim typical of the craftsman style that was popular around 1910-14.

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