The annual meeting of Public Responsibility In Medicine and Research, which was held in Boston in 1997, was spiced with a Festival Holiday Surprise.  This year we  were treated to Joey and Maria's Wedding.  As wedding guests, we shook off the burden of ethical woes as this commemorative web site shows.

Photos by Adana

PRIM&R Revelers: Handelin, Rachlin and Selwitz

Joey and Maria made the rounds to all the tables. Much to everyone's delight. Here Art (right) marrowly avoids getting Maria's attention.  Donald (left) was not so lucky as later shots will show.   Isn't Adana's photo prowess great!!!

The wedding party was truly a family affair. We were honored to have Gary Ellis (center) of OPRR, his wife (left front) and son in attendance.  Here, Tom Puglisi holds the younger Ellis.