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Art Anderson's Lecture on Lymphatic Tissues

Animated Gif modified from Bajénoff et al. 2006. Stromal Cell Networks Regulate Lymphocyte Entry, Migration, and Territoriality in Lymph Nodes. Immunity v25: 989-1001, 2006HEV at top, cortical sinus at bottom, brown HRP reaction product in FRCC

Note: Each outline entry is a hyperlink that will take you to relevant text and figures.

I. Lymphocytes and lymphatic tissues

A. Cellular mobility and traffic in the immune system. [Download and Print]

B. Lymphocyte recirculation Web Site presents images and text that show how lymphocyte recirculation makes multiple tissues act as one immune system.

II. Lymphatic tissues in the adult body

A. Primary lymphatic tissues [Download and Print]

1. Bone marrow

a. Structure

b. B-cell development occurs in specific compartments and involves movement (i.e. circulation and locomotion).

2. Thymus

a. Structure

b. T-cell development occurs in specific compartments as well.

c. Thymus microenvironments and cells that influence T-cell development (i.e., Macrophages, Dendritic cells, Nurse cells)

B. Secondary lymphatic tissues [Download and Print]

1. Skin associated lymphatic tissue

2. Lymph nodes

a. Structure

b. Antigen uptake (filters cells, particles & soluble materials from lymph)

c. Antigen presenting cells

d. T cell Reaction Foci and Follicles

e. Lymphocyte Traffic (text),Homing (text) and Emigration (animation)

f. Tissue changes during immune response

3. Spleen

a. Structure

b. Antigen uptake (blood filter)

c. Traffic

d. Reticuloendothelial function

4. Mucosal associated lymphatic tissues (e.g., Peyer's patch)

a. Structure

b. Antigen uptake (pinocytosis from environment).

c. Traffic (two traffic cycles occur during development and lodging in tissue for mucosal effector function)

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