Arrived: June 20th
Left: June 23rd

This card allows you to visit museums and ride on city transportation free for 24 hours. It only costs 400 kroners and we got more than our money's worth with it!

See Akershus from Oslofjord

Here we are standing in the shadow of the Akershus castle. Thanks to the Oslo Card!

In the Folk Museum on Bygdoy Peninsula a tourist can see many old buildings from earlier times as well as reconstructed buildings. This Stave church is one of many found in Norway.

We were pretty impressed with the ski jump at Holmenkollen, but we thought trying the ski simulator was enough of a thrill.

Before leaving Oslo we stopped at Frogner Park and wandered amongst Vigeland's sculptures.  We certainly felt alive at this celebration-of-life exhibit.

We had a charming visit with two of Art's relatives, Tob and  Margrete.