Arrived: June 23rd
Left: June 26th

Tuva and Erik's grandmother is Berit, Ingvar's sister

After a nice dinner at Ingvar's and Anlaug's home, I entertained myself playing card games with Tuva and Erik.

View of Risor from bonfire rock

Later, we visited Ingvar's and Anlaug's jewelry shop. Ingvar showed us how to repair different kinds of jewelry and I got to engrave my name on a plaque.

The next morning we toured around Risor. Here's the view from the "White Rocks". Art's paternal grandparents are from Risor.

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Before leaving Risor the following day, Ingvar and Anlaug accompanied us to two gatherings of relatives. The hospitality and food were great!

It was like dad's memories of dinners with family. Ingrid, Dagney, Franklin, and Emilie are all from the Stennersen line.