Arrived: June 26th
Left: June 29th
Before arriving in Stavanger we stopped along the way.

Click photo to see the market now, or click HERE to see the cubist work Erik Haugland painted in 1900

We met a relative named Terje and stayed at his apartment, but before we toured around with him we stopped by the house Art's grandfather left in 1900 at #15 Rosenkildgate.

We stopped at the old sardine canning factory.  We learned all about the canning process and even got to sample some sardines at the end. Mom and Dad enjoyed them but I didn't try them--I'm not a fish eating person.

We had a great visit in Sola with Kari, Frederik, and their granddaughter, Maria.

We had a fabulous outdoor adventure the following day. We climbed to the "Pulpit Rock" or Prejkestollen. Don't worry, Mom, we won't get too close to the edge!

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