• Ulvik  arrived: June 30th   left: July 1st
  • Osa   arrived: July 1st      left: July 1st
  • Gjerde  arrived: July 1st    left: July 2nd

We enjoyed Ulvik's charming scenery. After dinner we explored the Horticulture College. What lovely gardens! We had to get a picture of this church. The entire interior was painted.

We took a day trip to Osa to visit the "Stream Nest", a piece of artwork made in celebration of the Lillehammer Olympics.

"Open the door or we'll ram it down!" Here we are with a replica of a Viking battering ram.

We missed most of a folk singing concert, but we were able to hear the encore act and take a picture of them. It was a nice way to end a long day of driving before a day of glacier hiking.