Patient Portugese produce cork renewable in 20yr cycles.

Capturing the solar eclipse

The kind folks of Marvao shared glasses for viewing the eclipse.

We projected an 80% eclipsed sun onto this card at 11 on 11 August.

Leaving arid Spain, we head for the hills of Portugal and the mountaintop retreat of Marvao. This medieval city is the best preserved stronghold of a Moorish knight whose descendants held this castle for many generations until one night when it was invaded via a secret entrance. This clearly is the top of the world and the people are rightfully proud of their town yet they warmly welcome us sojourners and treat us to the bounty of their land in beautiful and peaceful surroundings.

Click on Castle Mount to see Moacir de Sa Periera's site on Portugal

Picturesque surroundings had consequences. Driving to it and through it used adrenaline. The narrow winding roads made for white knuckles all the way. Phoebe and I enjoyed walking the ramparts to see what a grand fortress the Moorish knight had created.

We visited their museum collection of artifacts from prehistoric through recent past. We enjoyed the gardens and  the view from our deck.