This is Pizarro's and Cervantes' town. One conquered by hubris the other by humor.

Trujillo thrives on its town square. If you can park your car in it, you can be assured of a night's lodging. There's a lot to see for the folks who luckily find a hotel, hostal, pension or camas.

The beautiful but arid landscape seen from Pizarro's castle wall seems so vast that one could see to the ends of the earth yet never leave Spain. So why go out and conquer a new world? What caused the conquistadors to think of building castles of stone against the sky with wealth taken from conquered lands?

Walls and ruins of medieval castles are everywhere in Spain as monuments to feudalism and man's desire to be master of all he surveys. It is remarkable that so many remain from the time of the Iberians, the Romans, the Moors, the Crusaders and Napoleon.

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